Welcome to Fresh Extend

At Fresh Extend we supply solutions for the cold storage of fruit and vegetables in order to extend the quality and length of time products can be stored.

We supply new technology for the removal and monitoring of Ethylene. Our products range from the supply of Ethylene Removal Granules to the supply and installation of fully integrated Ethylene Monitoring Solutions.

  • Ethylene measurement and removal
  • We offer a recording service to clients and advice on how to store products fresher and longer
  • Co2 and oxygen measurements
  • Humidity measurements
  • Calibration of your monitoring equipment
  • Cold store sanitation
10 March 2015

Fresh Extend recently featured in Farm Week. Download the article below to read of the benefits of our innovative Ethylene Removal products and services. We’d like to thank leading agricultural journalist and broadcaster Ian Harvey for taking time to visit us and writing up this great report.

18 February 2015

Recent test results from preliminary evaluation of storage protocols for long term storage of the Armagh Brabley, post DPA. Click here to view PDF.

8 April 2014

Why not have a look at the ethylene sensitivity table…

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