Ethylene Measurement & Removal

  • We offer Ethylene monitoring and recording services as well as advice on how best on how to store fresher products for longer.
  • We offer a variance of systems for the removal of Ethylene.

Co2 & Oxygen Measurements

  • Using the latest technology we offer the reading and recording Co2 & Oxygen.

Humidity Measurements

  • We can test the humidity levels of your products in storage.
  • With realtime and 48-Day Programmable Sensors we can offer up to 7,000 measurement readings from your storage or from your produce in transit.

Calibration of Monitoring Equipment

We test, calibrate and supply the latest in monitoring equipment for:

  • Oxygen
  • CO2
  • Ethylene
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

Cold store sanitation

  • We supply and hire oxygen superchargers that kill bacteria and germs in both small and large rooms. We also supply air-conditioning plants reaching the places where normal cleaning practices don’t reach.


  • Fruit and vegetables growers who cold store their products.
  • Fruit and vegetables shops and wholesalers.
  • Supermarkets along with their holding and supply chain.
  • Flower shops and wholesalers.
  • Growers of flowers and plants.
  • Transporters of fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants.

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